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Ombre Combination Shading

Discover Alpha You, a haven of Permanent Makeup expertise, with a specialty in Ombre Combination Shading. Our journey is dedicated to crafting brows that resonate with the essence of enduring allure.

Delve into the realm of permanent artistry with eyebrow tattoos, where metamorphosis meets definition. Our Ombre Combination Shading service encompasses the magic of powder and hairstroke brows, both seamlessly woven using a specialized cosmetic eyebrow tattoo device.

This technique involves the gentlest infusion of microdots of pigment, creating the illusion of powdered cosmetics or the soft stroke of an eyebrow pencil. While the outcome may not mimic nature entirely, it bestows the gift of fuller, luscious brows, particularly enhancing the beauty of oily skin.

Experience the fusion of aesthetics and elegance with Ombre Combination Shading at Alpha You. Our artists master the technique of microblading and the richness of powder brow techniques. Emerge with brows that define beauty – from the gentle arch to the capturing tail.


For those seeking a touch of permanent artistry, eyebrow tattoos provide an avenue to reshape, redefine, and emphasize your features. Within our Microblading services, we present the artistry of ombré powder eyebrows and hairstroke brows – both executed with a precise handheld tool.

The essence of Microblading lies in delicate strokes, meticulously crafted with a handheld device armed with 10-12 microneedles, replicating the very essence of natural brow hairs. This technique particularly benefits those with normal to dry skin types, ensuring the pigments linger longer and bond more effectively.

Step into the world of timeless elegance with Microblading at Alpha You. Our skilled artisans weave subtle pigments into your brows, harmonizing with your unique face shape. Let us unveil the enchantment of Microblading, where every stroke narrates your story.

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